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Nice to meet you {{answer_68852239}}!  Okay, first things first.  What was your overall score!? *

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Oh awesome {{answer_68852239}}!  You're a rock star!  How many people where you playing with? *

I'm sorry {{answer_68852239}} , better luck next time.  How many people where you playing with? *

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Okay  {{answer_68852239}}, what was your favorite element of the game? *

That's one of my favorite as well.  {{answer_68852239}}, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? *

Thank you for spreading the word!  Are there any comments or suggestions you'd like to share with us?

Finally, are you interested in getting the Expansion Deck so more people can play and adding the new surprise element to the game? *

No worries {{answer_68852239}}.  We will be receiving a small shipment soon and it's first come first serve.  If you are interested in being on the VIP list, you can go here:

You're going to love it {{answer_68852239}}.  We will be receiving a small shipment soon and it's first come first serve.  I suggest you be put on the VIP list.  Go here:

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